Aoife – 12 Days


Every now and then a baby will come in that looks so much like one of their parents that it blows me away.  Aoife is one of them.  She is so much like her dad I couldn’t stop comparing!   She was so bright for a while in the middle of the session that I got some great awake shots.  She’s just perfect

Aoife01 Aoife04 Aoife05 Aoife08 Aoife11 Aoife12 Aoife13 Aoife21 Aoife24 Aoife27 Aoife29 Aoife31 Aoife33 Aoife34 Aoife18

5 comments on “Aoife – 12 Days

  1. She is so beautiful….truly an angel….all the pictures are so perfect…..Leah & Blair you both look so blissfully happy …complete …

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